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  • Tinlet Fishing ltd.


Founded in July 2014, Tinlet Fishing is a private owned company with its head office located in downtown Vancouver and a fish unloading facility in Ucluelet, BC. Our long term goal is to sell high quality seafood products to anywhere around the world. Our very own fleet is comprised of two fishing boats that are currently operating on the West Coast to find ground fish and shrimp. The first boat called ‘Nemesis’ is owned by Tinshi Holdings Ltd. and the second boat named ‘Karenora’ is owned by Tinlet Holdings Ltd.

Both Tinshi Holdings Ltd. and Tinlet Holdings Ltd. are 2 of 3 companies working together with Tinlet Fishing Ltd. We provide a variety products which include a large selection of fish, shrimp, prawn, and flake ice. Our new ice producing plant in Ucluelet that will be located beside our own marina will begin construction in April and is estimated to be completed by December 2016. It is a unique, state-of-the-art facility which will be the largest in Ucluelet, providing fish unloading and ice selling services at only one location.